Who we are

Peculiar Folk studios is a village of creative individuals, that operates as a family; part of the larger family which is the body of Christ. Their vocation is to produce innovative products and entertainment that energizes, edifies, and represents all to proclaim Jesus is Lord, while simultaneously inspiring and saving the lost.

The Folks

Damar Darnell Jackson

Founder • Craftsman • Coordinator • Trash hauler

Damar Darnell Jackson

Damar has always desired to use his creative talent purposefully. When doing God’s will became his
purpose, vision was given to that desire and the result is PeculiarFolk studios. Wether Illustration, music, fashion, organizing, writing or building, if creation is in the air he breaths it and works fervently to help the others do the same. Oh yeah, he also takes out the trash.

Natalie “Annie” Jackson

Founder • Creator • Operator • Cook

Natalie “Annie” Jackson

Natalie is a natural talent in art with an affinity for color and design. Her uncanny resourcefulness and follow-through make her an invaluable workhorse. In more ways than one, she keeps the place running healthy. If her hands aren’t in the PF stu, they’re probably in the kitchen cooking up something delicious for the folks.

Tammi Merriman

Founder • Creator • Manager • Housekeeper

Tammi Merriman

Tenacious Tammi has a degree in Public Relations as well as years of experience in nonprofit work. She also brings to the table skills in business management and digital marketing. This administrative whiz is the go-to girl every team needs to keep the chaos of business shipshape. Her creativity is not to be slighted. Imagine what it takes keeping a village of artists in harmony. Talk about housekeeping!

Our Handiwork

Little Shua

Little Shua is a fun kid comic book series about the childhood exploits of Jesus Christ. It is completely fictional ,though, the creator takes great care to not contradict or rewrite the word of God.

Cross Bear

Crossbear is an apparel line moved through ministry. The mission is to embolden believers as it relates to expressing love for their faith. It signifies a community that is truly bearing it’s cross daily.

Bible Icons Merch

38 quirky works of art highlighting significant individuals from the Bible, all in one masterpiece. This print is offered in several different applications.

Be a part of the Vision

We are always open…

… to who God may have as the next member added to the Peculiar Folk family. If you love what we do and think you may be interested in joining our peculiar family, please reach out and let us begin the conversation about where we may fit together.


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Our Partners

Good Spirit Foundation

Partnering Organization

The Good Spirit Foundation (GSF) has been operating since 1984 providing training and guidance to young people and their families. We partner with GSF in numerous ways. Many young leaders in the program join us in making creatives and providing us with talent. Our staff is involved with the program throughout the year as volunteers and as trainers for the leadership and internship programs.

Riverside Christian Fellowship

Partnering Organization

Riverside Christian Fellowship is a body of believers located in Hernando, FL. RCF provides pastoral oversight, encouragement and input for the staff and content of Peculiar Folk Studios.